Marsha’s work is currently featured in a special exhibit entitled Along the Path at the Jefferson County Historical Society’s Museum in Port Townsend, WA.

“Hollingsworth’s playful artistic and philosophical explorations are reflected in the images and materials in her embellished drawings.” from the museum’s web site.

To read more:

Jefferson County Historical Society Exhibits

Marsha Hollingsworth has dedicated her life to creative expression in diverse mediums.  Her artistic talents, appreciation of Nature, and intuitive sense of color and light have resulted in the body of work seen in these web pages. Follow the menu above to view her diverse styles, from her Meditations, influenced by miniature paintings of ancient Asian artists, to bold, colorful Flora From Afar. Many of Marsha’s pieces are collages, combining her talents as a painter with the fine papers she used in her bookbinding business. Her collages range from whimsical to the sublime.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Marsha’s work, please contact her.

Marsha's art

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